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HotKarot – Lost in Biopolis

Symposium speaker

hotkarot Cancel 356

If you google „biodata in art“, you get the bio of Art Garfunkel as a second result.
This finding is inherently symbolic. In the current „big bio“ age, we are witnessing a fierce spread of new terms, forms and neologisms. After the „post-everything“ era, the another prefix hype has come: people are seen as bunches of biodata, crawling in the streets of biopolis, broadcasting the streams of measurable biosignals. Should we start to live a biolife and become biohumans (especially when the term posthuman failed and mere human is not enough)? Nevertheless, this question seems to be wrongly posed and we should rather ask: Why? What’s the point of it? We, the HotKarot group, are sometimes called bioartist, biohackers, foodhackers, biofabbers…the labels are chasing us, although we originally started our carrot activities more or less as an irresistibly amusing joke. Through the course of time, however, we became accustomed to this language and the notion of ubiquitous uncertainty, randomness and loosely defined quintessence started to be a fundamental building stone of our vegetable praxis. We are actually enjoying it – we have been consciously contributing to this niche culture, surfing on the waves of the infinite openness. However, we have also realized that the breeding ground of our carrot field is staring to be too muddy and there is a potential danger of sinking. Following our HotKarot Riot performance, given on the Enter festival a night before this talk, we would like to open a more general discussion about the nature of such artistic bio-interventions. Starting with a presentation of our own projects, we hope to resonate with the other like-minded festival participants and create a platform for a debate about the more deep and undercover nature of this bio-uncertainty as a process and not just as a superficial concept.

Keywords: HotKarot, OpenSauce, hot carrot, food hacking, biohacking, DIY, cancel group

web: http://www.opensauce.cz

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